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Our gold earrings are carefully designed such a unique that holds tradition and elegance.
At Amba Jewelers we always give you guarantee of purity that all of our gold earrings are made of 24K pure gold.

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What is Karat Gold, What does ‘Karat’ mean?

The number of Karats in your gold jewelry indicates the number of parts that are Pure Gold vs. other metals, out of 24.
Pure gold or 100 percent gold is known as 24 Karat Gold – this means all 24 parts are pure gold, having no traces of any other metals. Pure or 24 Karat Gold is rarely used in jewelry because it is too soft.

The higher the karat, the higher the percentage of gold, and the more rich in color your jewelry will be.
Gold Purity:
24 Karat Gold = 100% Pure Gold
Therefore, 1 Karat = 4.167% Pure Gold

18K = (4.167 x 18) = 75% Pure Gold
14K = (4.167 x 14) = 58.33% Pure Gold
10K = (4.167 x 10) = 41.67% Pure Gold

How can I tell if my piece is real gold?

All jewelry that enters the USA must have a karat stamp. In order to be called gold a piece must be a minimum of 10K. The item can be stamped with the karat or percent of gold.
What makes white gold white and rose gold rose?
24 Karat Gold has the natural warm color of pure gold and its color cannot be changed without changing the purity to less than 24K.

Other colors of gold can be made by changing the composition of the alloy in the making of the jewelry.

Metals such as palladium, nickel and copper are used, depending on the shade desired, to make gold white or rose colored. Regardless of the metal used, the ratio of gold to alloy remains the same in karats.